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Help Keep Laguna Beach the OC's "Most Waterwise City"

Post Date:04/01/2013

Take the Pledge at

Mayor Kelly Boyd is vowing to defend Laguna Beach’s title of “Most Water Wise City,” that residents secured last year in a month-long challenge with cities throughout Southern California to promote the importance of using water efficiently. The Wyland Mayor’s Challenge for Water Use Efficiency is a friendly competition between cities locally and across the nation to see who can be the most “water wise.” The program provides opportunities for people throughout the United States to participate in localized online pledge drives to save energy, reduce landfill waste, and encourage overall resource conservation by reducing their “water footprint.”

Mayor Boyd, along with the Laguna Beach County Water District, is asking Laguna Beach residents to help defend the City’s title by logging onto throughout the month of April and complete the online Clean Water Pledge, promising to follow a series of efficiency measures for their home, yard, and automobile. Some examples include washing only full loads of laundry, fixing leaky faucets, watering lawns before 8 a.m., keeping cars tuned, walking or biking short distances, and the more fanciful tip “sing shorter songs in the shower.” At the conclusion of the pledge, participants see a summary screen on their computer with their reductions of water, energy consumption, CO2 output, hazardous waste, and landfill waste over the course of a year…if they adhere to their pledges.

Cities compete in four regions (West, Midwest, South and Northeast) according to population: 5,000-30,000 residents, 30,001-100,000 residents and 100,000-plus residents. Those cities with the highest percentage of residents taking the pledge win. Participants in winning cities can qualify for prizes, including a Toyota Prius Hybrid, home water makeover kits, and other prizes. A top 10 list of cities in each size category and region will be updated in real time, so residents can follow along and encourage their friends, families, and neighbors to join in.

The Mayor's Challenge is sponsored by the Wyland Foundation, a nonprofit environmental education organization founded by the artist known only as Wyland. The challenge raises awareness about water conservation and  – by extension – the positive implications these reductions have on our local and global environment from the energy we use to products we make to the food we grow, package, eat, and sell.

In the state of California alone, nearly 20 percent of all energy consumption goes towards moving, cleaning, and heating water. As it has become increasingly clear, the value of water use efficiency has enormous benefits to local economies, the environment, and even our global climate. In heavily populated drought plagued states the benefits of conservation are incalculable; in water abundant states the energy savings and the environmental benefits are enormous. The bottom line is: water conservation not only benefits every state in the nation – it benefits the entire planet.

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