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The District has various water-wise landscaping, in-home water conservation, and other helpful materials at our headquarters for your reading pleasure. Stop by the District's headquarters located at 306 Third Street, in downtown Laguna Beach to pick up our conservation brochures.

Backyards from the Ground UpBackyards from the Ground Up

Around the West, in cities and suburbs, big houses on small lots mean one thing: Space for outdoor living is diminishing. Sunset staff members tackled this problem by designing gardens for four model homes.

This brochure provides four examples of water-wise landscaping, conserving water through an irrigation system, and other links on how to lower your water bills and keep your landscape healthy.

Smart Water and Energy Use in the WestSmart Water and Energy Use in the West

Rolling blackouts and skyrocketing utility bills have claimed Westerners' attention in recent years, but in fact they have only raised the stakes on an issue that has long been important here: the need to conserve water and energy. This brochure provides information on how to prepare for a blackout, how to install efficient appliances, thermostats, and other helpful water-saving tips.

How to Water Your GardenHow to Water Your Garden

In the West, water is as precious as gold. Most of our rainfall comes in winter, yet many garden plants need irrigation in summer, during our driest months. Seasonal droughts, groundwater pollution, and pollution growth all stress this valuable source.

This booklet offers many ways to save water in your garden, including watering strategies based on soil type, smart use of watering devices, and advice about selecting an efficient irrigation system for your garden.

Water-Wise Gardening for CaliforniaWater-Wise Gardening for California

When winter brings heavy rains to California, it's easy to conclude that the runoff soaking our soils and filling our reservoirs is bringing us water to spare. But don't be fooled. The most important issue facing Western states now and in the future is water.

Even though water conservation should be a part of our lifestyle, water-wise landscaping doesn't have to mean rocks and cactus. This booklet provides vivid pictures of how a water-wise garden can conserve water and look beautiful all at the same time.